Canon Selphy Cp1300 Paper Jam


The most common issue that occurs in a printer is a paper jam. A paper jam often occurs due to misalignment like paper inserted incorrectly, low-quality paper, damaged rollers, etc. To prevent paper jam, you should load the paper correctly inside the paper cassette. Let’s see how to resolve the Canon Selphy Cp1300 paper jam issue.


Cause of paper jam:

  • Loading paper upside down, with the sheets reversed.
  • Bending and separating the paper before printing.
  • Writing or reusing the paper before printing.
  • Touching or rubbing the glossy and printing side of the paper.

Basic troubleshooting steps to avoid paper jams:

  • Make sure that the paper and cassette are inserted correctly.
  • Do not overload more than 19 sheets in the cassette.
  • Use the paper designed especially for SELPHY printers.
  • Do not handle your paper with wet hands and keep it free of dust.
  • Before loading, check the paper tray for any debris. If you find any such, clean it carefully.

Remove the jammed papers from the paper cassette:

  • Take out the paper cassette entirely from the printer.
  • First, open the outer cover.
  • Then, open the inner cover.
  • Check whether there is any paper jam inside the cassette. If that is the case, pull out the jammed paper gently and check if any debris is there inside the cassette.
  • Now load the paper with the glossy side facing up.
  • Close the inner cover firmly until it fits into its place.
  • Leave the outer cover open when printing.
  • Open the cassette compartment cover and insert the paper cassette into it.

Remove the jammed paper from the ejection slots:

  • If the paper comes out from the front or back paper ejection slot, carefully take it out.
  • If you cannot remove the paper, turn the printer off and then on.
  • Repeat until the paper is ejected. If you need remote assistance to resolve the Canon Selphy Cp1300 paper jam issue, call us.
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