Canon Printer Error Code 5200

Canon Printer Error Code 5200 – Quick Fix

If you are receiving the Canon Printer error code 5200 while performing the print operation with your Canon printer, don’t panic. This is a known error faced by many users, like you. Scroll down this page to know how to fix the Canon printer error 5200.

Canon Printer Error Code 5200

What Does Error 5200 On A Canon Printer Mean?

This error code indicates that there’s some issue with the printer. When this error pops up, it means that your printer is malfunctioning.

Causes For Canon Printer Support Error Code 5200

Two common causes of the Canon printer error 5200 are:

  • A low or empty ink cartridge or tank
  • Clogged printhead

Fixing Canon Printer Error Code 5200

Perform the troubleshooting methods given below one by one. After performing each method, check if the Canon printer error 5200 is fixed. If not, try the next method.*Note: The troubleshooting solutions to fix this error are the same for all the Canon printer models. However, the procedure may vary a little bit based on the printer series.

Refilling the ink tank or replacing the ink cartridge

As the first step of troubleshooting this error, check the ink levels of the tanks or cartridges. If they are empty or low, replace or refill them.

Checking the ink levels

For printer (MG6100) with the ink tanks

Fix Canon Error 5200 Using Cartridges
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Select the Setup option from the home screen.
  • Scroll through the Setup menu and select the Display remaining ink level option.
  • Now, the ink levels of the tanks will be displayed on the screen.
  • Identify the low or empty tank and refill it.
Canon Printer Support Code 5200

For printer with the ink cartridges

Canon Support Error 5200
  • Select the Ink Information option on the Setup screen of your printer.
  • Choose Remaining ink to view the ink levels of the cartridges.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Canon IJ Status Monitor utility to view the levels of the cartridges. Open this utility on your computer. The ink levels of the cartridges will be displayed on the main screen of the utility.

Refilling the tanks (Canon PIXMA G6000)

Canon Printer Ink Cartridge
  • Raise the scanner unit.
  • Open the ink cover followed by the cap.
  • Unpack the ink bottle (if necessary) and open it.
  • Insert the bottle into the tank.
  • Once the tank is filled, remove the bottle and close it.
  • Close the tank cap.
  • Similarly, fill all the other empty or low ink tanks.
  • Finally, close the tank cover and lower the scanner unit.
Refill Canon Printer Ink Cartridge

Replacing the empty cartridge (MX432)

  • Turn on your printer if it is turned off.
  • Open the front cover, paper output tray, and the cover of your printer.
  • Release the cartridge lock lever.
  • Locate and remove the empty ink cartridge from your printer.
  • Unpack the replacement cartridge and insert it in its slot.
  • Lock the lever and close the doors.

Restarting the printer

  • Turn off your printer.
  • Unplug the printer’s power cable from the electrical outlet.
  • Leave your printer to cool down completely.
  • After a while, reconnect the cable and turn on the printer.

Cleaning the printhead (in Windows using the driver setup software)

  • Open the Canon printer’s driver setup window on your computer.
  • Click Maintenance > Cleaning.
  • Choose the ink group you wish to clean if prompted.
  • Clean the print head by following the on-screen instructions.

Contact us if the Canon printer error 5200 persists even after performing the above methods.

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