Fixed: Canon Pixma E560 Cant Detect Photo Paper

Usually, your Canon PIXMA E560 cant detect photo paper when your photo tray is empty. Sometimes, this problem can happen if the paper source setting for photo paper is misconfigured. And, sometimes, you may get this error if your printer detects any foreign objects in the paper tray.

This article will be your ultimate one-stop solution to resolve the paper issues on your printer. Keep reading without skipping to eliminate the errors and enjoy photo printing.

Canon Pixma E560 Cant Detect Photo Paper

Check The Paper Tray

  • Open the front cover of your printer.
  • Pull out the paper cassette.
  • Check if the photo paper is correctly loaded into the slot.
  • Adjust the photo paper with the paper guides.
  • If necessary, you can also load paper into the rear tray.
  • Remember not to load more than one photo paper. Doing it wrong might lead to paper jam errors.

Check the paper source settings

  • Open the Print dialog box on your computer.
  • Click File –> Print.
  • Select your Canon PIXMA E560 printer that can’t detect the photo paper.
  • Click on Preferences or Properties. Go to the Main tab in the window that appears.
  • Alternatively, you can open the Printing Preferences window from the Control Panel.
  • Click the Main tab and check if the paper source is detected as photo paper.

You can also enable the paper source to automatically detect the paper you are going to print.

Clean the paper path and feed rollers

  • Open the front cover and pull the paper cassette out of the printer.
  • Next, check for any foreign objects inside the printer and remove them gently without damaging the internal parts. 
  • Clean the feed rollers.
  • Clear the paper path.
  • Re-fix the paper cassette and close the front cover.
  • Restart your printer and check if it is taking paper for printing.

If your Canon PIXMA E560 cant detect photo paper, then factory reset your printer to the default settings. If you need help from our technical experts, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always available to resolve your issues.

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