Canon MX472 Not Printing

Canon MX472 Not Printing [Fixed]

The basic reasons for the Canon MX472 not printing:

  1. The printer is not able to establish a network connection
  2. The paper size of the printer may be different.
  3. Print jobs are paused in the printer queue
  4. Paper jam issues.
  5. Corrupted drivers or wireless connections do not allow the printer to print. 
  1. The printer firmware is not installed correctly. 
  2. Printer drivers are not updated.
  3. Cartridge vents are damaged. 
  4. Printer heads of the printer are dusty and need maintenance and cleaning. 

Troubleshooting methods to fix Canon MX472

Restart the printer:

  1. Once you are stuck with your Canon MX472 printer not printing, you can try restarting your devices.
  2. Turn off your printer and computer.
  3. If the printer is connected to Wi-Fi, restart your wireless router as well.
  4. Now, turn on your printer and computer.
  5. Try to print from the computer and see if Canon MX472 is printing.
Canon MX472 Not Printing

Check the printer connection:

  1. If the printer is turned on but not printing, check its connection to your computer.
  2. If you have connected the devices using a USB cable, check for damage to the cable and replace it if required.
  3. For a wireless connection, see if the printer is within the wireless range of your router.
  4. Also, the computer from which you are trying to print must be connected to the same network.
  5. See if the issue has been fixed. If your Canon MX472 printer is not printing, go to the next solution.

Check the print settings:

  1. On your print application, while setting the printer preferences, make sure you have chosen your Canon MX472 printer.
  2. Also, check the paper settings. If the paper settings do not match the paper loaded on the printer, you will have to deal with printing issues.
  3. Also, open the printer driver on your computer and clear unwanted paused printing jobs.
  4. While accessing the printer driver from Control Panel, see if the printer is online. If not, you have to perform the steps to fix the offline printer issue.

Check for paper jam and ink level:

  1. On your printer, see if there is any jammed paper.
  2. If found, clear the jammed paper and then try to print from your computer.
  3. Also, you have to check the ink level on your printer.
  4. If required, replace the cartridges. This could fix the printing issue on your printer.

Reinstall the printer driver:

  1. Still, if your Canon MX472 printer is not printing, try to reinstall the printer driver on your computer.
  2. Initially, remove the existing printer driver.
  3. Visit the official Canon support page and download the printer driver for your OS.
  4. Install the printer driver and establish the connection between the printer and your computer.
  5. Now, print a test page and see if the Canon MX472 printer’s printing issue has been fixed.
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