canon mp990 printer troubleshooting

Canon MP990 Printer Troubleshooting

To troubleshoot the Canon mp990 printer issue, you need to analyze the reason behind the issue. The most common printer problems that occurred are Paper jam, printer prints the blank page, and the printer offline. The warning message gets displayed on the printer screen when an error occurs on the printer. To fix the printer header issue, you can clean it as per the instructions given here or replace it. If you have some knowledge about the printer problem and the resolving procedure, you can fix it easily. To troubleshoot the basic Canon printer issues, follow the Canon mp990 printer troubleshooting instructions given below.

Ten Steps To Troubleshoot The Common Canon MP990 Printer Issue

  1. Reboot your operating system, when the computer and the access point has lost its connection.
  2. Try to print again, after rebooting the operating system.
  3. Switch off the printer and the access point to restore the lost communication between them.
  4. Enable the Printer online option in the Printers folder, if the option is disabled.
  5. Make sure that your Canon printer is set as default, if not then enable it.
  6. Ensure that your printer driver is connected to the proper port.
  7. Connect the Canon printer and the computer to the same network.
  8. Check the printhead holder and the paper tray for any jammed paper.
  9. Remove the jammed paper from the printhead holder.
  10. Replace the defective printhead with the correct one.
canon mp990 printer troubleshooting

Learn In Detail About How To Troubleshoot The Canon MP990 Printer Issue

Step 1: The hard reset resolves most of the printer issues. To reset the Canon printer, follow the Canon mp990 printer troubleshooting instructions given here. Before resetting the printer, make sure that your Canon printer is switched off. Now, press & hold the Stop button for a maximum two seconds, release it, and then press the ON button five times. It will put the printer into a Hard reset mode.

Step 2: Now, release the ON button and wait for the printer to shut down, and then power it back on. Press the power button and check the printer display for the error message. If there is no error message displayed, then try a test print.

Step 3: To fix the paper jam issue, follow the instructions given here. To remove the jammed paper from the printer, you need to power off and unplug the power cable from the printer. After powering off the printer, open the Scanner lid and look for jammed paper in it.

Step 4: Check if there is any jammed paper under the printhead holder. If you see any jammed paper under it, then move it to the left or right direction. It helps you to remove the jammed paper easily. Move the printhead by holding the top of it and slide it slowly.

Step 5: Hold the jammed paper using two hands and pull it. Pull the rolled paper from it and make sure to remove the jammed paper as slow as possible. If you try to remove the jammed paper from the printer, there is a chance for the paper to get torn; it will lead to difficulty in removing it.

Step 6: If the paper tears when you pull it out, then check the following Canon mp990 printer troubleshooting instructions given to clear it. Check if there is any paper stuck under the printhead, if you find anything, then remove it. Check if there is any paper left in the left and the right empty spaces of the printer.

Step 7: After removing all jammed paper from the printhead holder, close the scanner cover. Redo the printing operation. The error also occurs if you set up a new Network on your printer. The printer displays an error message stating: The Target Access Point is not displayed. To fix this network issue, go with the Canon mp990 troubleshooting instructions given below.

Step 8: The first method to fix this issue is as follow, before setup the Network connection, you need to satisfy certain conditions. Make sure that your printer, router, and computer are powered ON. If not, switch it on.

Step 9: The second method is to unplug the access point from the wall outlet and plug it back after waiting for a while, and then press the left FUNCTION (A) button on the control panel to search for the access point.

Step 10: Enable the SSID broadcast or the Stealth mode on your printer, then press the left FUNCTION button to search the access point and resolve the problem successfully with Canon mp990 printer troubleshooting solution.

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