Canon Mg3620 Printing Problems


Canon Mg3620 Printing Problems

Are you looking for the clear-cut troubleshooting solutions to fix your Canon MG3620 printing problems? We can help you out. This page provides simple and straightforward troubleshooting solutions to printing problems. Basically, the causes of the printing issue are limited and can be rectified if the actual reason is identified.

Let’s dig further into troubleshooting. Continue reading the instructions below.

Basic troubleshooting

  • First, check if your printer is turned on.
  • Ensure that your printer is connected to a stable power supply.
  • Check if your Canon printer and the computer are connected properly.
  • If your devices are connected over a wireless network, check the wireless signal strength and fix the connection issues.
  • Verify if your printer is loaded with enough paper.
  • Check if the paper settings are correct.
  • Verify the print settings from your computer.
  • Check if you have installed a compatible driver on your computer to support your Canon printer.

Advanced Canon Mg3620 Troubleshooting

If the basic troubleshooting solutions don’t fix your Canon MG3620 printing problems, implement these solutions.

Set your Canon Mg3620 printer as default

  • On your Windows computer, go to Control Panel.
  • Click the Devices and Printers tab.
  • Locate and select your printer icon from the available list.
  • Check if there is a green checkmark on your printer’s icon. It shows that your printer is set as default on your computer.
  • If the printer icon doesn’t have a checkmark, give a right-click on it and select the Set as default printer option.

This will fix your printing issues.

Disable Use Printer Offline

Sometimes, your printer status might go offline and thus causing a printing issue. To overcome this problem, disable Use Printer Offline on your Windows computer.

  • To begin with, open Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • Click the Devices and Printers tab.
  • Locate and select your printer icon. Right-click the icon and select the See what’s printing option.
  • Cancel the pending print jobs, if any.
  • Click the Printer tab and deselect the Use Printer Offline option from the drop-down list.
  • Now, the printer status should turn online and you will be able to start printing as before.

Restart Print Spooler

If the above solutions haven’t resolved the Canon MG3620 printing problems, execute these steps.

  • First, open the Run command box using the Windows + R shortcut keys.
  • Next, type ‘services.msc’ in the text field and hit the Enter key. This will launch the Services window.
  • Locate and select the Print Spooler service from the available list.
  • Right-click the service and select the Restart option.
  • Ensure that the service status is running.
  • Finally, reboot your Windows computer and check if the problem is resolved.

If nothing resolves the Canon MG3620 printing problems, remove and reinstall the printer driver on your computer. For further assistance, we are here with a team of technical experts. You can connect with us through the call option on this page.

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