canon mg3500 printer troubleshooting

Canon MG3500 Printer Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is the method of sorting out the issues which the Canon MG3500 printer encounters. Issues may arise due to different reasons. Some of the commonly occurring errors in the Canon MG3500 printer are, offline, not connecting to Wi-Fi, paper jams, blank pages, etc. It is advised that you immediately take the necessary steps to resolve the issues. The Canon mg3500 printer troubleshooting guidelines for fixing these issues are discussed on this website.

Guidelines For Resolving The Errors In The Canon MG3500 Printer

  1. Unplug the power cable from the Canon MG3500 printer’s rear.
  2. Wait for approximately two to three minutes. Reconnect the cable to the printer.
  3. Be sure that the power cable is connected firmly into your Canon MG3500 printer.
  4. Turn On the Canon MG3500 printer by pressing the ON button.
  5. Check if the paper of appropriate size and type are loaded into the printer’s input tray.
  6. Make sure to install cartridges that are fine and compatible with the Canon MG3500 printer.
  7. Confirm that the Canon MG3500 printer is properly connected to the system either over a wireless or wired network.
  8. Resetting the Canon MG3500 printer is the primary solution for resolving any problem that has occurred in the device.
canon mg3500 printer troubleshooting

Procedure To Troubleshoot Problems In The Canon MG3500 Printer

Canon MG3500 printer offline: Go to the Start window and then switch to the Settings dialog box on your Personal Computer. Right-click on your Canon printer’s name and then select the Use Printer Online option. Delete all the print jobs and double-click on the Canon MG3500 printer icon. Navigate to the Printers dialog box and choose Cancel All Documents. Check if the Canon MG3500 printer offline issue is rectified with the above mentioned Canon mg3500 printer troubleshooting guide.

Turn Off your printer and after a few seconds, turn it On. Make sure that the Canon MG3500 printer is bridged with the Windows or Mac Personal Computer properly. Power cycle your computer.

Go to Settings, then choose the Printers button, and then select your Canon MG3500 printer. Now, right-click on the Canon printer and click Properties. Find the Driver button under the General tab and then download the driver from the authorized web page. After the software is uninstalled, check if the offline error is rectified.

Canon MG3500 printer does not turn On: Tap the ON button on your Canon MG3500 printer. Ensure that the power plug is connected into the electrical cord connector present on the printer. Now, disconnect the Canon printer from the power supply and after a few minutes, reconnect it. Now, Try to turn On the Canon MG3500 printer with the procedure given on Canon mg3500 printer troubleshooting manual.

Canon MG3500 printer does not feed properly: Make sure that the correct paper is placed into the tray. Check if the edges of the paper are aligned properly. Confirm that the paper which is inserted into the main input tray is not thick, wrinkled, bent, or curled. Also, make sure the paper settings and the media type correspond with the loaded paper.

Turn On the Prevent paper double-feed option if many pages are kept into the tray. Long press the Stop button on your Canon MG3500 printer until the Alarm lamp blinks twelve times. Now, release the Stop button and then tap the Color button for enabling the Prevent paper double-feed feature. If the problem continues, clean the paper feed rollers on your Canon printer.

Printing does not begin in the Canon MG3500 printer: Make sure that the cord is securely inserted into the Canon MG3500 printer. Ascertain to connect the Canon MG3500 printer to the Mac or Windows device properly.

Ensure that the front tray is kept open. If you are performing the print job from your PC, delete all the unwanted print jobs. Confirm that your Canon MG3500 printer’s name is chosen in the Print pop-up window.

Canon MG3500 printer not scanning: Make sure that your Canon MG3500 printer is powered On. Attach the USB cord to a different port on your Windows or Mac computer.

If the USB cord is attached to a hub, unplug it and insert into the USB port on your PC. Restart your system and then do a scan operation. Make sure to clean the platen properly as anything present on it can affect the scanning process. To get live solution for Canon mg3500 printer troubleshooting, contact us now.

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