Canon Ix6820 Flashing Orange Light


The Canon PIXMA IX6820 printer makes the best choice for your comfortable workplace as it supports both the USB and wireless connection. When you try to use this printer, preferring the wireless connection would be the best choice. Expecting the printer to work properly is quite a normal thing. But, when it does not work properly, or if the printer flashes orange light continuously, there could be a problem with the printer. Refer to this simple guideline to troubleshoot the Canon PIXMA IX6820 printer that flashes orange light.

Fixing Canon PIXMA IX6820 flashing orange light

Whenever an error occurs or when the Canon printer troubles you by not printing or scanning, the printer starts flashing orange light.

There are many reasons for it. Your Canon PIXMA IX6820 printer might trouble you with the paper jam issue, or it will be in need of ink for printing the documents properly. So, check the error status and ensure that the printer is free of errors.If the printer is troubling you with the paper jam issue, ensure that you remove all the jammed papers inside and outside of the printer. Here’s how to clear the jammed papers. It can be identified through the number of flashes. When the Alarm lamp flashes three times, it is confirmed that there is a problem with the jammed papers. Now, look at the below steps.

Clearing paper jam issue

  • Initially, turn off the printer. Check whether the power cords are removed from the power supply and the Canon PIXMA iX6820 printer.
  • Now, open the top cover.
  • If you find any jammed paper under the print head holder, ensure that you clear it immediately. Later, remove the jammed papers that are rolled up inside.
  • Furthermore, if you find any torn paper inside the printer, remove it immediately.
  • Later, check whether the Alarm lamp flashes in orange light or not.

Secondly, ensure that the Canon PIXMA iX6820 printer has enough ink. Now, you need to replace the ink tank if the printer isn’t supplied with enough ink.

Canon Ix6820 Flashing Orange Light

Replacing ink tank

To begin with, check the status of the ink lamps. Look at this section to check the ink status.

  • Check whether your Canon printer is turned on.
  • Open the top cover.
  • Later, you need to check the ink lamp. After checking the ink lamp status, do not close the top cover.
  • The printer’s print head moves to the replacement position.
  • Take out the ink tank. Now, you need to prepare the ink tank.
  • Unpack the new ink tank. Remove all the protective tapes from it.
  • Insert the ink tank inside the printer. Ensure that the Canon PIXMA iX6820 printer is filled with the correct ink tank and matches the label.
  • Finally, close the top cover. The solution should fix the Canon PIXMA iX6820 printer flashing orange light problem.

Here are some causes and codes that indicate the Orange light flashing on your Canon PIXMA IX6820 printer.

  • 2 flashes – paper jam error
  • 3 flashes – front cover is closed or a paper jam in the rear tray
  • 4 flashes – ink tank is not installed properly
  • 5 flashes – damage in the print head
  • 13 flashes – ink level is not detected
  • 14, 15, 16 –ink not recognized, or ink runs out
  • 21 flashes – cannot detect the paper size

Thus, check with the flashes as mentioned above and ensure that the printer is working properly. Check whether the orange light is flashing or not.

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