Canon 3650 Can’t Connect Via Wi-fi

Fixed: Canon 3650 Can’t Connect Via Wi-fi

If your Canon 3650 printer cannot connect to your Wi-Fi network, check if there is an issue with your Internet connection. If you have kept your Canon 3650 printer and the router farther, your printer may find it highly difficult to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Therefore, keep your printer and router closer and see if your issue is resolved. If you still cannot rectify the Canon 3650 Can’t Connect Via Wi-fi problem, try out the troubleshooting methods listed in this article.

Canon 3650 Can't Connect Via Wi-fi

Restart Your Canon 3650 Printer & Router

  • If you cannot connect your Canon 3650 via Wi-Fi, try to fix the problem by restarting your printer and the router.
  • To restart your printer, turn it off and disconnect its power cord from the printer’s rear port and power source. After a minute, reconnect the power cord to your printer and the power source. Then, turn on your printer and ensure that your issue is resolved.
  • To restart your router and modem, just unplug them from the power source. Leave them undisturbed for a minute. Then, plug your modem and router into the power source again. Now, turn on your modem and router.
  • Connect your printer to your router and check if your issue is resolved.

Cancel Pending Jobs To Fix Canon Printer Issue

  • When the pending jobs accumulate on your printer’s memory, it might not function normally. To fix this problem, you should cancel all the print jobs you have sent to your printer.
  • To do it, click Start on your Windows computer and go to the Devices and Printers section.
  • Right-click on your Canon 3650 printer and select the See what’s printing option.
  • Click the Printer tab and choose the Cancel All Documents option.
  • Now, check if your problem is resolved.

Update Your Canon MG3650 Printer’s Firmware

  • It is always essential to keep the printer’s firmware and driver up-to-date.
  • If your printer’s firmware is outdated, there are high chances for it to malfunction.
  • To fix this issue, go to Canon’s official website and enter your printer model. Then, download the updated printer firmware.
  • Turn on your Canon printer and connect it to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Double-click the printer firmware to begin the installation. Go ahead with the instructions on the screen and complete the installation.
  • Now, check if your Canon 3650 can connect via Wi-Fi.

We hope the above troubleshooting methods help you fix the “Canon 3650 can’t connect via Wi-Fi” problem. For further questions and clarifications, you can reach our technical experts for assistance.

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