brother printer troubleshooting wifi

Brother Printer Troubleshooting Wifi

The issues in the wireless network connection can occur because of different reasons. The process of setting up the Brother printer on a network is simple. The steps for Brother printer troubleshooting wifi the wireless connection problem in the Brother printer is given on this web page. The standard solutions include power cycling all the devices; the Brother printer, wireless access point, and the Mac or Windows Personal Computer.

Procedure To Troubleshoot The Wi-Fi Connection In Brother Printer

  1. Make sure that the Brother printer, router, and the computer are powered On.
  2. Ensure that the computer and the Brother printer are kept within the range of the wireless access point.
  3. Check whether your Brother printer is in the Inactive or Offline mode.
  4. Disable all the firewall or security software running on your desktop.
  5. Try modifying the IP address of your Brother printer.
  6. Confirm whether the updated version of the printer software is launched on your PC.
  7. Remove the Brother printer’s driver from your desktop.
  8. Deinstall the newest driver version using the software CD or from the authorized site.
brother printer troubleshooting wifi

Instructions For Fixing Wi-Fi Connectivity In The Brother Printer

Power Off the Brother printer by pressing and holding the Power button on it. Wait for at least ten to thirty seconds. Remove the power cable from the rear of your Brother printer. Switch Off the Windows or Mac system. Reinsert the power cable to the printer and then turn it On and resolve the problems of Brother printer troubleshooting wifi issue.

Now, go to the rear side of your wireless access point and detach the power cable from it and then wait for approximately ten seconds. Turn On your system and then check if the Brother printer can link to the wireless network. Make sure to set your Brother printer as the default printing source. Search for devices on your desktop and then select the Printers & Scanners option from the results obtained.

Untick the box present next to the Let Windows manage my default printer option. Click the name of your Brother printer from the list and then select the Manage button. If multiple printers are available, click the one that is Online or Idle. Choose the Set as Default option in the Manage your device dialog box. Try to print to check if the Brother printer is connected to the network.

Check if the IP address of your printer is altered. Windows: Open the software page on your computer from the Start dialog box. Select your Brother printer model from the list and then click on the Update IP Address button. Now, a Wireless Test Report page will get printed by your Brother printer. Review the current IP address with the previous one.

If the IP addresses are not the same, proceed with the following steps. Type the IP address that is displayed on the Wireless Test Report in the Current IP Address box.

Click on the Search option to confirm that your printer’s name appears on the desktop. Now, upgrade the software by choosing the Save button. It is highly recommended to give a static IP address for your Brother printer to fix the problem of Brother printer troubleshooting wifi issue.

If you are using a Mac system, delete and then re-add your printer, In the System Preferences list, select the Printers & Scanners, Print & Fax, or Print & Scan button. Click on the model of your Brother printer and choose the minus sign to delete it from the list. Choose the + sign to add your Brother printer again. Try setting a static IP address as it will not change.

Make sure that the correct network settings are utilized on your wireless access point. To get the settings of your router, launch a web management browser on the computer. Enter the current IP address of your network router. After you type the address, press the Return button.

Log into your router’s configuration page by typing the username and the password in their respective fields. The settings of your router will generally be available in the Security or Wireless tab. Also, carry out a firmware upgradation process for your router if applicable.

Some software such as Firewall can stop the communication between the Brother printer and the computer. Disable the app by opening the Control Panel window on your system. Now, click on the System and Security tab. Select Windows Firewall and choose Turn Windows Firewall On or Off on the left pane of the screen. Choose OK and do a print operation. Contact us now for more solution related to Brother printer troubleshooting wifi.

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