Brother Printer Troubleshooting Not Printing

Brother Printer Troubleshooting Not Printing

Brother Printer Troubleshooting Not Printing

The printing issue can occur in the Brother printer because of various reasons. To resolve the Brother Printer Troubleshooting Not Printing issue in the Brother device, carry out the easy steps that are provided on this website. The not printing error arises if there are any problems with the ink cartridges, printer driver, paper type, and more. Also, ensure that you do not carry out the Print operation when your Brother printer is doing other operations such as faxing, copying, or scanning. The print function might fail if you do not use your Brother printer properly.

Instructions on how to fix the not printing issue in the Brother printer

  • Make sure that your Brother printer is in the active or stable mode.
  • Confirm that the driver for the Brother printer is installed on your personal computer properly.
  • Ensure that the router is functioning correctly if the printer uses a wireless setup.
  • Ascertain that there is proper communication between your personal computer and the Brother printer.
  • Carry out a factory reset process for rectifying the Not Printing problem.
  • Make sure that the status of your Brother printer is Ready.
  • Verify that the queue of the Brother printer model is empty.
  • Ensure that the software settings are configured correctly on your personal system.

Guidelines for resolving the Brother printer not printing error

  • If the Status LED light is not On, it indicates that the Brother printer is switched Off. Verify that your printer is linked to a functioning outlet and all the switches are in the In state. Look for error lights on your Brother printer and troubleshoot the same for fixing the printing error. For wireless setup, confirm that your wireless access point is functioning correctly.
  • Download and launch the Network Repair Utility software from the official support site for resolving the print error. Create a temp folder on your Hard Disk Drive pr HDD for self-extracting the Utility software. After downloading the Network Repair Utility software, double-click on it to start the extraction process. Open the created net tool folder, and double-click on the .exe file, and then carry out the instructions on your computer to fix the Brother Printer Troubleshooting Not Printing problem.
  • Check whether the communication between the Brother printer and the personal computer is set appropriately. First, get the IP address of your personal system and the Brother printer. Try pinging to your device to resolve the print issue.
  • Do a network factory reset, make sure that the front cover on your Brother printer is lowered. Power off the switch that is present on the right side of the printer. Long press and keep holding the Go button (it is available on the top left corner of the Brother device) and then turn the power switch On. Keep pressing the Go button until the LED lights turn On and the status LED powers Off. Release the Go button and confirm that all the LED lights on it are turned Off. Force press the Go button ten times.
  • When the reset process is occurring, all the LED lamps on your Brother device will flash. The Status LED will be lit after the reset process is complete. After the printer switches On, wait until it gets reconnected to your wireless access point.
  • If the printing error persists, verify whether the software is launched correctly. On your personal system, click Start and then choose the Settings button. Select Printers & Faxes and then click on the View Installed Printers option. Make sure that the model of the Brother device is in the list. Make sure that you set your printer as default.
  • If many documents are present in the queue, right-click on your printer model and then click the Cancel All Documents option. Also, ascertain that the Use Printer Offline option is deselected on your personal computer. Print a test sheet by going to the Printers section. Right-click on the Brother printer’s name and then click the Properties button. Click on the Print Test Page button to verify whether the error is rectified.
  • Try to uninstall and reinstall the printer driver. Click the Start button, then select the All Programs option, and then choose your printer name. Now, select the Uninstall button, and a screen will ask whether you wish to delete the software, click the OK button on it. After the uninstallation is done, you will be instructed to restart your PC. Choose the Yes button and then reinstall the driver by loading the CD into the drive.
  • Select your Brother printer from the Main window. Choose the required language, and then click the Install Printer Driver option. Choose Network Cable Users for starting the installation.
  • You must click the Yes button on the License Agreement pop-up window. Click the Standard Installation option and select Next. Do the procedure that appears on your screen and after reinstalling the driver, carry out a print function to verify whether the Brother Printer Troubleshooting Not Printing error is rectified.

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