brother printer mfc 8440 troubleshooting

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Brother Printer MFC 8440 Troubleshooting

Brother MFC 8440 is a sophisticated Multifunction Laser printer which can print, scan, copy, and send/receive faxes. Common issues with the Brother MFC 8440 printer include drum malfunction, incorrect paper insertion, scanner issues, etc. These are issues which can be solved easily by following the guidelines mentioned below.

How to troubleshoot common issues on the MFC 8440 Printer

  • When there is an issue with your Brother MFC 8440 printer, you can follow the guidelines mentioned below to solve them.
  • Power off the Brother MFC 8440 printer. Power on the Brother printer after some time.
  • Unplug the Brother MFC 8440 printer from its power source while it is on. Plug the cable back into the Brother printer and the power outlet.
  • Unplug the USB cable from the Brother printer and plug it back if the method given above did not work.
  • Check whether the paper sheets have been inserted correctly into the Brother printer’s paper tray.
  • Connect the printer directly to the power source if it is connected through a power strip.
  • Check whether there is adequate ink in the toner. Change the Brother device’s toner cartridge if it is low on ink.
  • Open the Brother printer’s toner cartridge door and remove any paper sheet stuck inside the slot.
  • Redistribute the ink in the toner cartridge and try printing a document from the Brother printer.
  • Unplug the fax line from the MFC 8440 and reinsert it into the Brother device.
  • Reset the drum counter on the MFC 8440 printer.

How to troubleshoot known issues on the MFC 8440 Printer

Follow these guidelines to identify known issues on your Brother MFC 8440 printer and solve them.

  • If the error message stating, ‘Change Drum Soon’ appears on your Brother printer, it means that the drum unit has run its course.
  • It could also mean that the drum counter on your Brother printer was not reset after the drum unit was replaced.
  • To clear the error caused by the drum unit’s EOL, change the Brother printer’s only when the print quality becomes unacceptable. If the error was caused by the failure to perform a drum counter reset, do this. Open the Brother MFC 8440’s front cover, and press Clear/Back and then press 1. This resets the drum counter.
  • When you see the error message, ‘Check Original,’ it means that the original documents were not placed correctly in the ADF.
  • It could also mean that the document scanned by the Brother Printer from the ADF was longer than 90 centimeters.
  • To solve this issue, remove the paper from the ADF. Raise the ADF cover and pull the jammed original towards the left. Close the lid and then press Stop/Exit.
  • To clear paper jams from the Brother MFC 8440, follow these steps. Remove the paper tray from the Brother printer and pull out the jammed paper.
  • Proceed to press the cover release button and raise the front cover. Gently remove the jammed paper and pull the drum unit assembly out.
  • Open the Brother MFC 5440’s back output tray and remove the jammed paper from the fuser unit.
  • Make sure to let the machine cool down before touching the internal parts as they will be very hot after use.
  • Raise the fuser unit cover and pull out the jammed paper. Go to the drum unit assembly, remove the toner cartridge after pushing the lock lever down, and remove jammed paper from inside the drum unit. Close the fuser cover, back output tray, and front cover after reinstalling the drum unit.

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