brother printer mfc 490cw troubleshooting

Brother Printer MFC 490CW Troubleshooting

To fix the Brother MFC 490cw printer issue, all you need is to analyze the reason behind the error and then perform the correct troubleshooting method to resolve it. The Brother printer is well known for its performance, durability, and printer quality. The basic printer problems are Paper Feed or Paper Jam error, Print, Scan, Copy, and Ink cartridges issue. There is a separate Brother printer mfc 490cw troubleshooting mechanism followed to fix every printer problems. If you face any difficulty in fixing the issue, then contact the experts to fix it. Go with the guided instructions given below to fix the Brother MFC 490cw printer issue.

Easy Steps To Fix The Brother MFC 490CW Printer Issue

  1. Make sure that your Brother MFC-490cw printer is powered ON.
  2. Ascertain that the connection between the printer and the computer is correct.
  3. Check the LCD screen for an error message if any.
  4. Make sure that you have set the Brother printer as default.
  5. Clear all on-going print jobs from the printer and your operating system.
  6. Check the current printer status in the Devices and Printers section on your system.
  7. Check if you are using the correct printer driver.
  8. Make sure that your printer driver is up-to-date.
  9. Make sure to use dirt-free paper for printing.
  10. Check the ink cartridge level frequently.
brother printer mfc 490cw troubleshooting

Learn In Detail About The Troubleshooting Techniques Used To Fix The Printer Issue

Step 1: The Brother printer MFC 490cw encounters issues during the Print operation. The Brother printer mfc 490cw troubleshooting methods for each printer related issue is available in the user manual. Go with the instructions that are given below to identify the error and fix it. You can get help from the technical experts if you face difficulties in resolving the issue.

Step 2: The Brother printer will not allow you to perform the print operation if the ink cartridge level is empty or low. To resolve the cartridge related issue, you have two options. One is to reset the ink cartridge as per the guided instructions that are given. Otherwise, you can replace the ink cartridge with a new one.

Step 3: In most cases, cartridge resetting saves money. Go with the Brother printer mfc 490cw troubleshooting instructions given below to reset the ink cartridges. The Reset operation can be done in two ways. The first method is given below.

Step 4: The printer must be turned off and wait for a while. After one minute, power it back ON. Press the Cancel and the Print buttons at the same time, and then Press the plus (+) button on the printer keypad. Scroll down to the ink cartridge that you want to reset and select it.

Step 5: Touch the OK or Enter button to complete the Reset operation. The second method is as follows. Power on the printer, open the printer’s ink cartridge access door. Now, on the printer’s control panel, press the Clear or Back button to access the Reset Menu.

Step 6: Using the arrow keys, scroll through the printer’s ink cartridge options. Select the ink cartridge you want to reset and press the OK button. Press 1 in the Numerical keypad, and then press the Clear or Back button to exit the Menu section.

Step 7: The reset operation begins, close the toner access door. Now, try to perform the print operation. If the error occurs again, replace the toner ink cartridge. To fix the paper jam or paper feed issue, follow the Brother mfc 490cw printer troubleshooting instructions given below.

Step 8: Initially, switch the printer off and disconnect all the power cables from it. Open the Jam clear cover and check if there is any jammed paper. If you find any jammed paper inside the printer, then slowly remove it from the machine.

Step 9: Make sure to remove all the jammed paper from the printer and then close the jam clear cover properly. Now, check the paper tray. Pull the input tray towards you and check it. Look at the inside of the paper tray and if there is any jammed paper, remove it.

Step 10: To remove the small piece of paper, you can use a pair of tweezers. Check the Scanner cover. Lift the Scanner lid, take the printhead from the printer, and remove any jammed paper under the printhead. For more solution regarding Brother printer mfc 490cw troubleshooting, contact us now.

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