The Brother MFC L2750DW printer is an all-in-one machine that easily makes 2-sided copies. This Brother printer can easily scan at a quick pace in black and white with a staggering resolution of 300dpi. It is much faster than the other monochrome multi-function printers that average at only 10.4 seconds.

The all-in-one printer has a flatbed scanner, automatic document feeder, and some amazing faxing capabilities. The printer has a black page yield at a much low cost/print.Now, we are going to see one of the problems the Brother MFC L2750DW printer might face. Fax issues!

Before we proceed with the actual scenarios to resolve the Brother MFC L2750DW fax problems, here are some steps to look at.

  • Ensure that the Brother printer is connected to the power source.
  • Make sure that the Brother printer is turned on.
  • Check if you have the proper recipient fax number in case you are sending a fax.
  • See if the fax cord is connected properly to the LINE port of the printer.
  • If you see the cord damaged in any way, replace the fax cord with a new one.

Check if your printer has a dial tone

  • See if the fax cord is firmly attached to the wall jack and the LINE port.
  • Press theFaxbutton on the printer.
  • See if the printer has a hook. If so, press it and see if you hear a dial tone.
  • Check if the speaker volume is set to a hearing capacity-LOW,NORMAL, orHIGH.


  • Press the Fax button on the printer.
  • Press any button on the Brother MFC printer control panel.
  • Press FaxStart.
  • The printer will scan from the flatbed.
  • Listen to the dial tone when the printer starts to dial.

Fax problem: receiving fax

  • Check if the sender has the proper fax number (your fax number) entered on his machine.
  • Ensure thatthe receive mode is enabled on your printer.
  • Press theFaxbutton.
  • Use the navigation arrow buttons and select the options,Fax>Setup Receive>Receive Mode(press OK after each option).
  • SelectFax/Teland pressOK.
  • PressStop/Exit.

Based on the fax problem you are facing on the Brother MFC L2750DW printer, you can work on the steps described in this article. For more solutions related to faxing with the Brother MFC L2750DW printer, click theCALLbutton pinned to this page.

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