brother mfc 465cn printer troubleshooting

Brother MFC 465CN Printer Troubleshooting

To fix the Brother MFC 465cn printer issue, all you need is to find the reason behind the error. Some common printer errors are a printhead problem, low or empty ink cartridge, print quality & alignment issue, paper jam, and unable to perform the Scan & Copy operation. The unable to print error message displayed in the printer as Error message 35. The error message 46 is displayed if the ink absorber pad is over the required volume. Go with the instructions given below to fix the Brother mfc 465cn printer troubleshooting issues.

Easy Steps To Fix The Brother MFC 465CN Printer Issues

  1. Take the power cable off of the Brother MFC-465cn printer.
  2. Hold the Start button on the printer’s control panel.
  3. Now reconnect the power cable
  4. Press the Start button until the Maintenance option appears on the screen.
  5. Use the numerical keypad to enter 80 and utilize the down arrow to locate Purge.
  6. Enter 2783 and view the display if zero is the numbers after the purge.
  7. Touch the Stop or Exit button to go back to the first stage of maintenance mode.
  8. Enter 99 to exit from the Maintenance mode.
  9. Wait for the Reset process to complete.
  10. Switch the printer ON and try a trial print.
brother mfc 465cn printer troubleshooting

Detail Explanation About The Troubleshooting Methods Used To Fix The Brother Printer Issue

The Brother printer is well known for its high-definition and clear printing. It meets the need of both consumers and businesses. Even though the printer provides superior performance, durability, and excellent features, it is prone to face issues. The most common error faced by most Brother printer customers is Error 35 and use the Brother mfc 465cn printer troubleshooting guide to fix it immediately.

The error message 35 indicates the Unable to Print problem. This issue occurs if there is an issue with the printer hardware. To remove the jammed paper from the printer, follow the instructions given below. Cancel all the on-going print jobs from your operating system.

Now, open the top opening, and you will find the scanner cover. Check if there is any paper at the left, right, and center of the printer. If you see any piece of paper, then clear it gently. After clearing the paper jam at the scanner cover, check the printhead.

Move the printhead from left to right & from right to left and check if there is any paper present. If you found any, then remove it. Open the Clear Jam cover located at the back of the printer. If you see any jammed paper, then remove it, and close the scanner cover.

Now, switch on the printer, and if the error message 35 again appears on the screen, then try a reset process to fix this issue. Take the power cables off of the printer and wait for five to ten minutes. After waiting for a while, reconnect the printer’s power cord, and power on the printer.

Try a trial print if the error doesn’t appear on the screen. Another common problem faced by the Brother printer customer is that the printer supports Print operation but does not perform scanning using a network.

This error occurs if the network setting is incorrect or misplaced. To fix this issue with Brother mfc 465cn printer troubleshooting solution, go with the instructions given here. Make sure that your Brother printer powered ON. If the printer is in sleep mode, then press the Power button to activate it.

Check the printer display for an error message. The common error message displayed on the printer screen is Paper jam, low or empty ink cartridge.

The network scanning features are supported by the peer-to-peer network setup. Check the scanner driver. If the scanner hardware is running out of date, then update it. Sign into the manufacturer’s site and download the Full Feature Driver & Software package.

To set the IP Address on the Scanner Driver, follow the instructions given on Brother mfc 465cn printer troubleshooting. Open the Scanner Properties –> Network Setting. Now specify your machine by address. Key in the IP address in the respective field, click the OK button and follow the instructions on-screen to finish the setup.

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